Stay Competitive in the

Online Market

Stay Competitive in the

Online Market

uTax Mobile App

With seamless integration into the uTax Software, the Mobile App lets you expand your reach and puts YOUR business in the palm of your client’s hand. The app allows clients to submit tax documents, book an appointment, get directions to your office, and more in both English and Spanish.


Multiple design templates to choose from


Users can easily toggle all screens and dialogs between English and Spanish.


Customizable to include Social Media, IRS Where’s My Refund, Send Additional Forms, Share App with Friends, and more.


Clients easily scan ID to start populating important data for their return.


Provides Contact info for your offices, locations, and websites. Easily call or email with a simple tap of the screen.


Highlight your office staff to include a picture, phone number, and email address so clients know who they’re working with.

Mobile App Portal



See How Users Find You


Easily Share with Friends and Family


Customizable Auto-Reply Emails


Send Messages to ALL App Users

Offer Special Discounts

Securely Receive Tax Documents

View Staff and Contact Info

Directions and Navigation to Your Office

Book Appointments

Toggle Between English or Spanish

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