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With seamless integration into the uTax Software, the Mobile App lets you expand your reach and puts YOUR business in the palm of your client’s hand. The app allows clients to submit tax documents, book an appointment, get directions to your office, and more in both English and Spanish.

Template BRANDED WITH YOUR LOGO Multiple design templates to choose from SPANISH Allows user to easily toggle all screens and dialogs from English to Spanish. MENU Customizable to include Social Media, IRS Where’s My Refund, Send Additional Forms, Share App with Friends, and more. RETURN Clients easily scan ID to start populating important data for their return. CONTACT Provides Contact info for your offices, locations, and websites. Easily call or email with a simple tap of the screen. STAFF Highlight your office staff to include a picture, phone number, and email address so clients know who they’re working with.

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Remote tax return data collection NEW! Webpage mirrors Mobile App Return Submission Seamless Import into the uTax Software Information and Tax Documents Securely Sent Easy and Convenient.

Mobile App Portal

Profiles Customizable Profiles What better way to welcome new or existing
clients than by showing them pictures and profiles
of your staff. This is a great way for you to stand out
from the crowd AND make sure clients feel comfortable
walking into your office.

Any changes made in the app portal automatically
reflect in your mobile app the next time it is launched.
push notifications Push Notifications Stay in touch with your clients year-round.

Send alerts regarding changes to your office hours, IRS updates,
or even use it to market a new product or service.

Messages sent appear on mobile devices similar to social media
or news updates that your clients may already receive.
View Return View Returns Give yourself the power of information. Stay on
top of returns submitted through the app,
even the ones that you haven't yet imported into
the software. Access taxpayer submission
data from anywhere.

Take advantage of enhanced reporting capabilities
by exporting submission records to Excel.
Document Upload Document Upload What if your client forgot to send you some paperwork needed
for their return? No worries!

The app allows users to submit additional documents and images
that can be viewed and downloaded.

Give your clients a SECURE method to send you documents instead
of texting or emailing sensitive information.
Links Links Make sure your clients know and have access to more than
just your address or phone number. The app gives your
clients easy access to important links they may need:

• Your website
• Your social media accounts
• Important IRS sites
• Other businesses you may own

With the Mobile App Portal, you can perform updates
anytime of the day or night and your clients will see
them the next time they open the app.
Custom Settings Custom Settings The app is packed with custom controls that put YOU
in the driver's seat when it comes to communicating and
understanding your clients. Easily change the content of the
email confirmations sent to app users when they submit

You can even offer dynamic coupons for a percentage and dollar amount
discount off your services which will automatically be applied
to the tax return in the software!

Track how clients find out about you, helping you to better
understand where to spend your marketing dollars.



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