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uTax wants you to try our WebTaxApp for FREE until May 31st. That’s right. We know this has been a challenging season and we’d like to help. With the WebTaxApp, you can securely collect taxpayer data either from your website or from a free-standing webpage and use that data to create a tax return.


With the WebTaxApp, clients securely send you their info, documents, and even ID. From the Portal, you can view the submission, download to Excel, manage communications, even request additional info.


And, to make this even deal even better, we’ll let you try uTax Software as well for FREE. With uTax Software, submissions are easily imported into the software, creating the return and saving you time.


Try one of both for FREE until May 31st. You’ll be glad you did.

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This offer of free use of the uTax WebTaxApp through May 31. Not all functions of a paid WebTaxApp are accessible in this version.


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Tools and Features

Conversions Made Easy

uTax offers data conversions for the following software programs to help ease your transition










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uTax Mobile App

With seamless integration into the uTax Software, the Mobile App lets you expand your reach and puts YOUR business in the palm of your client’s hand. Clients can submit tax documents, images of identification, and communicate with you all while maintaining their ‘Social Distance’. Help your clients while helping everyone to stay safe.

3 Features That Set Us Apart

See why people like you love these features the most

Mobile App Integration

Expand your office and connect with your clients with the uTax Mobile App

Text Messaging

Communicate directly with one or ALL your clients with the touch of a button


We make sure you, or your sub-offices are setup and ready to go, reducing your tax season stress

SALES 844-440-8829

Thank you for your interest in the uTax WebTaxApp. We know the value the WebTaxApp brings to not only your website, but your business as a whole and are confident you’ll experience the same.


We’ve extended this FREE trial period through May 31st, 2021, so that you, and your clients, can take full advantage of this all the way to the end of season. Whether you use it in conjunction with the uTax Mobile App, your existing website, or as a stand-alone page, you and your clients will enjoy the ease and simplicity of using this secure App to send and collect tax data.


Expect to be contacted by a member of the METIK Design team who will confirm your information and complete the setup. We expect your WebTaxApp will be completed within a day. It’s really that simple.


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager at 844-440-8829 or a member of the METIK Design team at 844-446-3845.


We look forward to hearing about your experience with the uTax WebTaxApp.


The uTax Team